In need of some serious self care?
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It's time to take care of YOU!

It's time to take care of YOU!

Rose Essential Oil Roller

 Convenient, on-the-go application allows for use anytime you need a quick refresh or pick-me-up!

"This is amazing. The roller is the perfect size to fit in my purse and I use it on the go all of the time!! It has a perfect delicate rose scent, which I've gotten several compliments on. It's powerful but not over-powering and lasts all day long!"
- Kaliana

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Lip Sugar Scrub

A hand-selected blend of hydrating butters and oils combined with Vitamin E lock in moisture after light exfoliation.

"This Lip Scrub is My JAM!I am a huge fan of lip scrubs and this one tops my list! It's not too harsh, but it does get the exfoliating job done. Love it and highly recommend!" - Austin

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Intense Moisturizing Crème

Hand-crafted with all-natural ingredients to leave your skin feeling radiant.

"I really love this brand is amazing I have tried this Moisturizing creme and is amazing my skin is so so soft" - Sara C.

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Our Approach 

All of our products are created with: Natural and organic ingredients, therapeutic-grade essential oils and recyclable and reusable packaging.

All of our products are created without: Synthetic ingredients, parabens, chemicals, fillers and animal testing.

We test all our products for pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, etc., and we triple test for potency (yes – you read that right, TRIPLE test) through an independent third-party laboratory. So, what we promise is what is delivered.

Every single product that &Sunny creates must meet high standards when it comes to quality, efficacy and enjoyment. From the initial brainstorming all the way down to final testing, many steps take place before it actually makes it into your hands.

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