Cute Date Nights During COVID-19

COVID-19 has dramatically changed all our lives this year. The Coronavirus outbreak is still dominating the news, causing widespread cancellations and postponements. During these uncertain times it can be hard to avoid the new ‘norm,’ especially while dating. Wearing face masks, staying 6 feet apart, and constantly using hand sanitizer was not on our original checklist. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on date night completely. We have put together a list of quarantine date ideas to meet and stay connected during the on-going pandemic. Whether you’re a couple that’s already quarantining together or trying to have your first socially-distant date, we have included fun date nights for everyone.


For those who want to social distance:

Take a Museum Tour Online

There are several video apps, such as Zoom, where you can share your screen and experience virtually visiting the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Sistine Chapel all while in the comfort of your own home. Tour the museum together and chat about everything you see and think. “Art has an incredible way of provoking questions and sparking conversations that might not happen otherwise.” – Meg Rector

Have a Paint-N-Sip Night

Go to the store and buy an easel, some acrylic paints, a few brushes, an apron, and your favorite wine. Have your partner buy the same wine as you to make it feel as if you’re actually together. Watch a few YouTube painting tutorials to find the painting you both want to re-create (or at least try to re-create). Video call your partner and play some of your favorite music while painting, sipping, and talking. At the end of the date, send your partner your painting to have as a keepsake, or hang it in your house.

Take the 5 Love Languages Test

Whether it’s your first or fifth date, now is the perfect time to get to know your partner on a deeper level. You can easily access this quiz online, based on the #1 New York Times bestseller, The 5 Love Languages, by Dr. Gary Chapman. This quiz explores 5 different categories in which you and your partner express and receive love: Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Gift Receiving, and Physical Touch. Everyone gives and receives love differently, but with a little insight into these differences, you can significantly strengthen and grow any relationship.


For those who are quarantining together:

Try Tie Dye

Get plain white t-shirts and a tie dye kit from a craft store. Go back to your house to design and create a tie dye shirt for your partner. You can be as creative as you would like, but here’s the catch: your partner must wear this shirt on your next date.

Create a “Chopped” Meal

If you aren’t familiar, Chopped is a Food Network show where contestants create a dish based on random ingredients they are given. You and your partner will go shopping and/or use what is already at home to set up a basket of ingredients for the other. Then you must make a dish using those ingredients within 45 minutes, give or take. Once both dishes are created, sit down to eat. Here’s the fun part: now you get to be the judge. Choose a winner based on the best tasting dish. If you’re competitive, make it even more fun by making a bet (i.e. loser has to wash the dishes).

Roll The Dice

Start with a single dice. Assign a picnic food/drink to each number on the dice. Roll the dice 3x to decide which 3 foods/drinks to bring on the date. Now use the dice to decide where to drive for your picnic. Once this is complete, have your partner grab the drinks and you get the food or vice versa. Roll a 1 or 2 for right turns, 3 or 4 for left turns, and 5 or 6 for staying straight. Use this system through at least 6 intersections to find a fun, random outdoor location to have your picnic. Pack a picnic blanket and get rollin’!

Host a Spa Night

Self-care is always important, especially now with all the added stresses of the current state of the world. Pamper yourself and your partner in the comfort of your home. Wear robes, light your favorite candle(s), and put on soothing music for the perfect ambiance. Use our Charcoal Silk Face Masque to detoxify your skin, then take a long, hot bath with our Calming Bath Fizz. After you’re dry and relaxed, take turns giving each other pedicures and massages. End the date with some cuddles in bed for an intimate evening.


Author: Katrina Harren

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