5 Ways to Maximize Your Moisturizer

You probably already know the importance of a solid skincare routine. And you probably already know that a moisturizer is a key player within one. MVP some may even argue. After all, hydrated pores can lead to more healthy, vibrant and younger-looking skin, and who doesn’t want that? Moisturizer seems simple enough. No YouTube tutorial needed, right? However, if you're applying it wrong, it's about as beneficial as that fresh spinach you keep buying and tossing out week after week (we all do it). Proper application, on the other hand, can ensure maximum effectiveness of its ingredients, allowing it to nourish the skin and build a protective layer against the perils of the environment.  

Here are a few tips on how you can do so:

Time it right

Is there a right time to moisturize? Absolutely. The best time to do so is immediately after showering and toweling off, when the skin is still damp, but not too wet. This is because it will absorb and lock in moisture much longer than dry skin. It’s true! Make it a simple last step to your bathing routine and you’ll likely find yourself applying less of your moisturizer and applying less often. 

Be gentle

Believe it or not, rubbing in your skincare products too hard can lead to inflammation and irritation. This is especially true for those who have sensitive skin. When applying your moisturizer, rub or pat it in gently, without pressing down too hard. Then give your skin a few minutes to absorb it naturally. While this may seem tedious and annoying, consider it a wonderful investment for the long run! Use this time as a little “me time”. Think about what you’re grateful for or put on your favorite Drake song and dance around the bathroom in your underwear.

Layer strategically

You get more out of your skincare products when you layer them in the most strategic order. Don’t fret, it’s actually a quite simple science. Generally speaking, the rule of thumb is to start with your thinnest-consistency product first and then work your way up to the heaviest. For example, serums and oils would be followed by creams and sunscreen.

Apply in upward strokes

As we age, gravity naturally (and unfortunately) pulls our skin downward. To combat this, many experts suggest applying moisturizer in gentle, upward strokes. While this is most certainly not going to reverse the hands of time, this technique can increase circulation (which helps boost collagen production) and ensure that your moisturizer is fully absorbed.

Use a high-quality product

Ultimately, technique won’t matter if your moisturizer isn’t a good one. Aside from many cheap, mass-produced ones out there being ineffective, a lot of them also contain harsh and damaging chemicals. The best skincare products are of course those that are simple and non-toxic. Like our all-natural Intense Moisturizing Crème. It’s hand-crafted (actually) to leave your skin feeling radiant and silky-smooth. We call it a hydration wonder, because it’s formulated using a combination of Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil, USDA certified organic coconut oil and shea butter. A special blend of essential oils with hints of bergamot, pomegranate, sweet orange, and vanilla offer a clean and energizing aroma that you’ll want to slather on all the time! 

But won’t need to if you follow these simple tips. :) 

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